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    Orange & Mango Oolong Tea

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    Oolong Formosa Tea, Orange skinMango, Pineapple & Milk oolong Tea

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    Separate: Add 2 teaspoons of tea at each 250ml of 90ºC water during 3-5 minutes.

    Pyramids: Add 1 pyramid of tea at each 200ml of 90ºC water during 3-5 minutes.


    Designation: Orange & Mango Oolong Tea

    Ingredients: Oolong Formosa Tea (53%), Orange skin (13%), Mango (17%), Pineapple & Milk oolong Tea.

    Pack w/ 15 pyramids: SCPETCHOLM15P
    Pack w/ 60g: SCPETCHOLM60G
    Pack w/ 250g: SCPETCHOLM250G

    Bag w/ 100g: CHOLM100
    Bag w/ 250g: CHOLM250
    Bag w/ 500g: CHOLM500
    Bag w/ 1kg: CHOLMKg

    Preferably: Up to 24 months after manufacture.

    Allergic: May contain traces of nuts.

    Storage: Keep in a cool (20ºC maximum) and dry (60% maximum humidity) place.