Saboral and ChásGourmet

are registered trademarks of Saboral Lda.

Saboral was born in 2013 and has since modern facilities, close to the access of the A1 in the node of Coimbra south-Taveiro. Equipped with modern production machines, associated with traditional processes.

The products have a modern design in conjunction with Portuguese art and tradition. In 2019, Saboral launched a range of products with attractive packaging and directed to the consumer market, proposing not only loose and loose teas, but also teas in pyramids.

Other products of the brand are the jams, made with the best ingredients, from recipes that fuse the old and traditional with the contemporary. Saboral jams are packaged in a tube for a more simple and functional use.

Armazém Saboral
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Saboral’s warehouse and factory is close (1.5 Km) from exit 12 COIMBRA-SUL of the A1 highway.

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